Be More Irregular – An Invitation

Why Irregular?

Because “normal” never worked for me. And it might not be working for you either…

The regular, standard, typical, average, normal way of living, being, doing … where has it got humankind, and planet earth? We are living unsustainably, within systems that support massive inequities and injustices, and all but a tiny handful of us are, in some way or another, suffering harm.

There has to be another way – an irregular way. A way that doesn’t support power over many by an entitled few. A way that starts from the basic human need for love, belonging and connection. A way that is guided by curiosity, compassion and the search for common good.

I don’t know what it looks like when we create a future that is good for all of us – but I’m sure that finding connection is the way forward…. finding the small and fragile points of full consensus, where we are all willing to move forward together. And Irregular is built on that, and on the hope that goes with it.

I want my writing to explore this way. I want to help my self and you to find a deeper sense of belonging and self love. I want all of our relationships, from the relationships with family, children, parents, romantic partners, life partners, work colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and even the people we hang out with on social media to be authentic, meaningful genuine connections that resonate and nourish us.

I want us all to feel connected and inspired… to feel able to be completely and fully, openly our selves … to be honest and bring all of our selves to our connections with one another.

I want a world like that. I want us all to use our personal agency and our sphere of influence, however small, to build a culture based on compassion, connection and the common good. And that is not ‘normal’. It’s not something that we’re used to. It’s not what is expected, the anticipated route laid ahead through life, because the systems that we live in presently don’t take us that way.

This is what my blogs are about.

This is my invitation to the world, and to you, dear reader: Be More Irregular.

Jenn Wilson – March 2024

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