We want a world that is more desirable for everyone: a world of kindness, curiosity, equity, consent and connection.

That requires change.

We exist to experiment, model, provoke, celebrate, utilize and inspire that change – by embracing the IRREGULAR.
We question the assumptions in over-simplified standards and us-against-them systems.
We believe it’s our differences that give us our collective strength.
We champion the change that comes when we imagine, do and become something unexpected. We embrace the connection this brings.

We invite you to all of our IRREGULAR endeavours:

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You’ve missed our Choose To Refuse: Unlock the Power of your ‘No’ free webinar but if you’d like to hear about the next one, please sign up below.

Irregular Arts – an ever-changing variety of creative offerings, performances, writing, music, zines and artistic collaborations

Irregular Way – exploring change with consent and consensus, practicing and modelling strategies, training and resources for organisations

Irregular Being – personal inspiration and support to take care of ourselves and each other, celebrate our uniqueness, and make a difference in our own lives and connections

Irregular Jenn –performance, talks, blogs and ideas from Jenn Wilson, instigator of Irregular and the International Day of Consent

Irregular News – connect and find out first about our latest projects, and support or be part of the change we want to see in the world

New for 2024 – bringing Jenn’s work as a coach and mentor to a broader audience, and sharing the practices that come from navigating consent, this free download is available now.

Purpose Passion Priorities

7-Day DIY Life Reboot  – Free E-Workbook to support people who want to make change, build the life they really want and the world we all need.