We want this website and all our IRREGULAR work, spaces and events to be welcoming and as easy as possible to navigate for everyone. We will be adding to this page continually with information to support that. We welcome communication and suggestions that can help us improve access. We are a not-for-profit company and sometimes making work financially accessible means making compromises on other kinds of access – we want to keep learning and improving.

When we have public funding, we prioritise providing British Sign Language Interpretation at live events and use online platforms that have captioning. We try to provide these at other events whenever possible and it is a priority in our resourcing.

We very rarely work or perform in venues that are not accessible to wheelchair users. When we do so it may be because the venue is in an extraordinary, e.g. outdoor/remote location and/or because the event is important to us for some other access/ethical reason. In those situations we will try to find other ways to make the event accessible, e.g. online.

Covid Safety: For most of our live events we will actively encourage audience members to wear masks. We cannot guarantee Covid safety, however. Wherever possible we will offer a Zoom stream of live events. If you need this to access any event please email with the event date and time and we will explore what is possible.