The Irregular Way is about embracing change – refusing to accept the given routes ahead, and shaping the change we want to see in the world.  We believe in working towards consent and common ground, finding the consensus to move forward together.  

We have developed frameworks and methods centred on consent and consensus-building, and can offer training, talks, workshops, and facilitation. We work with organisations and groups that are ready to discuss, apply, model, and practice and model the change that is needed and wanted.

We believe that instead giving in to fear and letting our differences divide us, united they become a vast source of possibility and strength.  Compassion, curiosity and connection can help us imagine, do and become something more, to shape a world where all could thrive. 

The Irregular Way is an invitation to let go of the familiar comfort of the mainstream, take a risk and learn from one another.  Focussing and specialising in consent, we support strategies, training and resources for individuals, groups and organisations.