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Choose to Refuse – unleashing the power of your “No”

A free and inclusive webinar for International Women’s Day 2024

> Does saying ‘no’ feel like letting people down?

> Do you find it hard not to say ‘yes’ to every request?

> Are you over-stretched trying to meet lots of expectations?

Our patriarchal culture places demands on those of us who are socialised or seen as women and girls to be agreeable, caring and pleasing.

We might choose to offer help or support, and we might want to contribute meaningfully in the world. However, sometimes these roles are just expected of us as ‘normal’… so much so we might not even think about what we want or need for ourselves.

These expectations – what it means to be a good woman, mother, daughter, sibling, wife or partner, female in the workplace, etc – can leave us feeling stuck, burnt out, disrespected or under-valued.

Practicing consent in your everyday life (not just in the bedroom) can liberate you to make changes in your own life AND a greater positive impact on your relationships and the world around you. Jenn Wilson, founder of the International Day of Consent, has been developing frameworks for practising consent and delivering training and coaching for individuals, organisations and groups since 2016. Jenn says: “I want us to shape new cultures and build a world we ALL want to say ‘yes’ to. “

For International Women’s Day 2024, in this free webinar Jenn will focus on the power of ‘no’, offering ideas and frameworks that can support you to choose to refuse.

This webinar is for women, including trans women, AFAB and non-binary or genderqueer folks. If you have lived experience of being limited by gendered expectations, you are welcome. If in doubt, please email contact@irregular.org.uk and ask.


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